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Transport & Plant Hire Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and the Midlands

We are registered with Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers (CMPE) and Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS). 


Plant Hire: our plant hire begins with a single day up to long term contracts, and we concentrate on large plant to small plant hire – all kept in top condition by our own fully skilled engineers; and is open to hire at very realistic prices.


We hire out self-operated plant, or alternatively, can provide fully qualified, CPCS Registered, fully insured drivers for your use.


With over forty years experience with plant hire; bulk excavation and moving abnormal and heavy loads, we provide services which are first rate.


As part of our exceptional service we can organise and provide all of the movement orders, permits, escorts and the route planning to guarantee a safe and secure journey for our clients’ products and their heavy goods.


The Law necessitates that all movements of vehicles and their loads which go over standard proportions must be pre-informed, before the trip, to the relevant authorities, i.e. the police, the Highways Agency and bridge controls departments, which is a procedure that at this time, entails countless fax messages going out each year.


We have an all-embracing assortment of transportation vehicles as well as low loaders, and for extended length loads we have flat and extendable flats; for beams and pipe work we have step frames and extendable step framed motor vehicles which can hold bulky and abnormal loads up to 55 tons, this means that we can deliver and collect shipments from all over the Midlands.


We are resolute that we can show we understand our customers’ wishes and meet them with original and cost accommodating transport answers. 


We provide a single journey solution for plant transportation to anywhere in the Midlands, fully supported by our skilled personnel and we are committed to uphold the precepts of health & safety. Our qualified drivers can deal with any extraordinary and unwieldy cargo by delivering to your site and will produce a method report on demand.


Our bulk excavation work includes ground remodelling; site preparation; topsoil screening; removal and the recycling of waste, including the crushing of bricks and concrete which is recycled and used as hardcore.


Poxon Transport And Plant Hire Ltd


For Further Information from Our Derby Based Plant Hire & Transportation Company, Call: 07831 500 367